Reviews and Comments Section

The Birds, Bees & Therapy

“If you get the chance, go and see it. A bundle of laughs await you!” Mid Devon News. October 2012.

“Jack Williams new play is full of fun with excellent dialogue and a clever idea for the set. Audiences should love it!” Ray Cooney.

“I had a great time watching this new comedy, as did the rest of the audience.” NODA. October 2012.

“It’s hard for a physician to heal himself, as the old saying goes. Nowhere have I seen this better illustrated. The show takes place on a split stage where the action flits seamlessly from Steve’s dysfunctional home-life, to a meeting he is running for people with relationship difficulties. Things get quite bonkers, but everything somehow manages to end well. “  Eastern Daily Press. October 2015.

Accidents & Guarding Angels

‘Accidents and Guarding Angels’ premiered last night to the sound of raucous laughter and applause. When I arrived, I was astounded by the sheer crowd that had gathered in anticipation for Jack’s latest show. From there the curtains drew open and exposed the lovingly crafted dual set which would serve as the canvas for this theatrical masterwork. Now in my experience, black humour is always risky; you run the risk of offending your viewers and alienating others. That, happily, was not the case here. The audience was treated to a spectacle of clever writing. Although a simple premise (man comes into money, others try to manipulate him to claim it as their own), Jack manages to stamp his own unique mark upon the tale. As the final act came to climax, I was treated to a truly emotional finale. I have no intent of spoiling the ending, but I can say that there were tears within the audience, a remarkable feat for any production. Of course though, one cannot expect tears and melancholy joy to hold sway for long and humour was re-inserted to bring the act home. If you cannot already tell from the way I am essentially fawning over the production thus far, I am recommending that any even remotely interested in theatre, comedy, or in fact entertainment take at least a single night this week to go and enjoy the show.”  Mid Devon Gazette. October 2014.

The Break Away

“It was a real pleasure to watch this comedy, well written and with some very witty lines! The set was super, a rather run down hotel, with the bar and bedrooms cleverly positioned in a sort of mezzanine arrangement. The whole stage was used so well, complete with a staircase from the hotel front door  (on auditorium level) to another one leading from the bar area to the  bedrooms and with such great detail to match. Well done and very funny. To sum up, I am very impressed by this well written and very funny play by a local talented writer Jack Williams, good to see something new and refreshing and I look forward to the next one.  An enjoyable evening was really had by all!” NODA.  April 2017.